My mom knew my plan and suggested a Doula to help with labor, as a gift she paid for the services.  This was the first time I had ever heard of this type of help and after the birth looked into this as a career but was wrapped up in my job and paying the bills. 

In the spring of 2009 I was told that my department would be terminated and we would be losing our jobs in a year.  My first thought with out hesitation, to become a Doula. I found DONA, engulfed myself in the reading material, took my classes and am practicing my art.   Its amazing how things happen and why.  

I have learned so much and am still amazed at the pregnancy and childbirth process.  We as women are made for this and with a little assistance can have the type of birthing experience we want.  

My mother has been an inspiration to me because she is always so open and straight forward about issues that really matter.  I have always been very passionate regarding issues with women and childbirth.  I can assist you and your partner enhancing the prospect of a wonderful birth Your way

I am DONA trained and follow their philosophy, code of ethics and standards of practice.  I am not here to take the place of the father, partner or any one else.   I am here to assist and support the laboring woman and her partner.  I believe our culture has taken the personal touch from us and that touch is what helps us as women, get though the most enduring challenges we face.   I feel the process of making birth decisions have been removed from our hands.  I would like to help educate and empower you so You can be part of the process needed to make decisions for you and your child and have a more successful birth Your way.

I am also a member of CAPPA,
American Pregnancy Association,,
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This path started roughly around 1999 with the birth of my daughter.  I thought I was an educated woman who had an understanding about birth, boy was I wrong.  I knew I wanted a natural childbirth with out any bells or whistles.   I took the childbirth classes and found a wonderful nurse mid-wife Kathy Shields, who worked for Charlotte OB-GYN Associates and still does with 3 other mid-wives.  


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